Our curriculum aims to be as objective and approachable as possible and we offer many practical opportunities for individuals to experience the subtle aspects of their reality, including perception of bioenergies, parapsychic experiences, and the Out-of-body experience. We feel that the ability to have these experiences allows individuals to explore their world directly and to have a more comprehensive view of themselves and what they can accomplish this life.

Just a little word to say a big thank you

Thank you for the course of this weekend. It was well presented, well balanced, and seems to be well informed because you all lived what you were teaching. You were all clear, friendly and patient, this helped me to grasp a lot more on the subject in a relaxed atmosphere. The course gave me lots of precious tools and light on some perspectives that cannot be discussed with many people. So I really enjoyed the experience. The other participants were friendly and intelligent companions which was very pleasant.

Evelyne M

About Us

Mosaic's approachable and experienced team, offers classes and events which help you to learn more about your multidimensional surroundings and yourself in the fashion that works best for you. Attend our programs online and watch at your own pace, with the optional to participate in monthly meetings with other students to share your experiences.